STEP 1. Development/Design- This is where a campaign is conceptualized. First, we need to identify who the audiences are for your video(s). We may look at demographics and psychographics. We'll also work with your team to determine the main objective of the video(s). We'll need to determine, what we want for audiences to do after they've viewed, etc. 

STEP 2. Pre-Production - Now it's time to determine schedules and deadlines. This is also where scripts are written and the foundation is laid. From there shot lists are created, which detail all of the visuals needed for the message and vision to come to life. If time and resources allow, story boards are created as well. We will then identify locations, talent required, special personnel and secure any additional equipment or hardware needed.  

STEP 3. Production/Principle Photography - This is where the rubber meets the road. Video shoots are held, images are captured, voice-over is recorded, music is made and all other media assets are obtained and created.  

STEP 4. Post-Production- Going into this phase, everyone involved has a good vision of what the project looks like. This is where all media assets are handed over to an editor and the pieces are assembled together. This is also where any motion graphics are generated along with text, transcriptions, closed-captions, motion-text and other visual effects.

STEP5. Distribution - Videos are not complete until the masses view them and traffic is driven to you. We can help you gain market share by distributing your branded video content on the various social networks that you are or should be employing in your business (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest). After that, we can help you move on to distribute to targeted network audiences and specific mobile aps that meet your demographics. We can align these campaigns so they are optimized to the metrics we can dictate by your strategic digital strategy, Smart Video ™ . These types of analytical reports show us which videos are effective and what the viewers actions are after viewing. 

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